by Proxy

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My heart and mind have been churning over the past months concerning the recent events in our country surrounding race relations. We are in a tough spot and things seem to be getting more difficult. For a time, I went to sleep. I was numb to what was happening and NYC and Ferguson were a up call. It's time for us to rally around those who are hurting.
"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'what are you doing for others?'" - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. #heartbeat



Can you feel the heartbeat in the street it’s poundin’
It skipped two times my darlin’
Somewhere a mother’s callin’
But her baby boy ain’t comin’ home tonight
I hear his father mournin’
He lost his one begotten
These tears just won’t stop fallin’
Lord please… we some joy in the mornin’
(Repeat 2x)

Verse 1:
Honestly and selfishly this song is my prayer of repentance – I really need some forgiveness,
Cause truthfully… yo man I’ve been so self centered, so this my deliverance,
I almost forgot where I came from – where I got name from,
Where I used to stay – where me and my cousins played,
Why I walk, talk, dress, look and act this way,
The only reason why I’m made… I’m a famous warrior,
But I’ve been layin on my back,
Got comfortable cause my presidents black,
And my check is kinda fat,
And my kids know how to act – when we in public,
Not middle class – but middle trap; that’s what I call it,
Traded boom bap for elevator smooth jazz,
And them hard knocks for online class,
I’m no longer a mentor – but I meme real bad,
Text and tweet them as I pass,
It’ll never last,
And now I’m running fast,
Cause Eric’s lungs collapsed,
Tray’s hoodie’s stained grass,
And Mike turned back,
Tamir and John both gone cause they dropped that,
Even though them fake and they did what they say!
And now they pour into the streets,
Without a clue for what they seek – but still wantin’ better,
Wantin’ free indeed,
And I can no longer sleep,
They callin’ for you,
They callin’ for me.

Verse 2:
(Once He said…)
Blessed are the meek,
Blessed are the merciful,
Those who make peace,
Blessed are the persecuted,
This what I believe,
Yes I believe – one day we ‘ll receive… justice,
But what’s faith without speech?
And speech without action,
A pipe dream!
So if you believe,
Then take it to the streets,
Make the whole world see,- young man make the whole world see.
Perceive, hear and help ‘em understand,
Put your life on the line - He'll put the world in your hand,
For the sake of the cause – that's the measure of a man,
We don't live if you die – please help ‘em understand,- They can't breathe – so,
neither can we,
In this sick society,
If it was left up to me – Lord maranatha!
This whole world placed on cardiac arrest,-
And they wonder why we beatin’ on our chests – yes I can feel the heartbeat…


released January 19, 2015
Written and recorded by: Proxy
Produced by: Decap
Keyboard: Eleazar DeAlmeida
Guitar: Rafael Lima Bastos
Mixed by: J Mumbles
Artwork by: Russell Robinson
PR by: Josh Niemyjski



all rights reserved


Proxy Denver, Colorado

Grace... leave it up to me, I'll be living proof.

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