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released September 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Proxy Denver, Colorado

Grace... leave it up to me, I'll be living proof.

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Track Name: For the Streets (feat. Box Boy)
Verse 1:
Let's take it back to the street knocka,- head rocka – kick/clap,- 808,
Lyricist who do it for the sake - not just the cake,
And no I never ever hate - I simply elevate,
Make you wanna push way back your next release date,
Now let me set the stage,- before you flip the page - follow my motorcade,- see why I walk this way,
Life is a melody - song written beautifully - each part is harmony - strike up a symphony,
Nonfiction out my notebook - foreal in my free verse - In and out of jail cells - residential treatment - making friends with enemies - pull 'em out the cement - music is the crumb trail - follow me where we've been.

Chorus A:
Them no feelin’ – full time villains…
I do it for the streets!
Them little children bein’ raised by wild women…
I do it for the streets!
Dance if you want to dance,
Move if you want to move,
Change if you know the name,
Do what you came to do,
(Go head – go head go on!
Go head – go head go!
Go head – go head go on!
Go head – go head go!)
(Repeat 1x)

Turn-a-round (Box Boy):
Military mind frame – standing on battle fields of them lost souls,
Project hallways incorporating them death tolls,
As they fold multiple stacks – packin’ the mac 10’s,
A revolutions coming – before the end begins.

Verse 2:
Every angle - every tough situation,- addiction and affliction, trauma - family drama - personal prison... is highway,
To get these young guns going my way, so climb inside - catch a ride and let the beat play,
Now watch the street sway,- these rappers gettin pretty, tell you they from the block - but they don't love the city,
Curse it to go to hell - over them hot beats – dull drums and melodies put us all to sleep,
But then it’s in the wind – because it’s for the birds,
Rather a firm shake,- up nod – bond word,
Credentials on the block – know they can count on me,- hit me on my cellphone straight up out if county,- that's for real.

Chorus B:
Behind bars and scars spiritual – literal,
I do it for the streets!!
The lied to – deceived bout who they are,
I do it for the streets!!
It’s for the streets!!
It’s for the streets!!

Turn-a-round (Box Boy):
Generational death traps incasing the wombs of the diseased mothers,
Birthdates open the realm to these deceived brothers,
Three time felons – locked behind federal funds,
A revolution came – before the end begun.
International genocide conforming the planet into a fascist state,
They create a new institution to breed a new race,
Society is left in a world spin trying to find their own,
The revolutions here – but they had never known.

Verse 3:
And I'm in it for the long term - day one dash ellipsis, point A to point "a brother finally get it " – that committed,
Whether it's on my life soundtrack in which you invested, or a real relationship man it's all consistent,
So let's live it and walk it out to our destination,
Every victory and mistake man - lots of patience,
We've got time and you've got me, so – let's chop it up while we’re walking down these streets.

Chorus C:
Been told and sold that they'll never win,
I do it for the streets!
Because the way out's the only way in,
I do it for the streets!
It’s for the streets!
Track Name: Kingdom
It’s the Kingdom – Kingdom out is what we bring them,
You ain't seen royalty? You about to see some,
Kingdom - kingdom violence what we bring them,
You gone give it up - kickin or screamin.

Verse 1:
Simone... the only way is forward march until they all gone,
I'm-a push my agenda, envelope and them some down your asophogus until we've won,
We’re in perfect positionin’ - ready for direction,
Yes you can resist but I suggest you join,
This is kingdom - music - anthem - use it,
Expandin’ dominion at the sound of the drums,-
So play the horns… and let the streets sing along,
Influential in community like colors and guns,
This is all strategy we got our marching orders and we follow to a “t”,-
Overthrow - overrun,- occupy till they come,
Wake up to the sound of it all going down,
This would be for some - the beginning of forever,
This will be for others the beginning of the end,
Please let it come.

(Chorus 2x)

Verse 2:
Dream on - but in my sleep she's callin my name – i have to respond,
I do not rest long - we are so vigilant,–
There’s too much to be done - they need more than a song,
Action is the bomb – desire is the fire – pain is the fuel – man truth is the lighter,
Tossin’ and turnin’ in my cot - all nighter,
Screams in my dreams cause I got insight plus,
I can see inside her, and yeah I'm a liar,
If I keep it to myself and watch her slowly die uhhh -
We could take you higher, but you gotta drop everything and run with me tonight or,-
The fire in the sky gone light up, - your whole life - don't believe just try bruh,
This is what we fight for,
Live and we die for, cause it's all about the.


Verse 3:
We strong...
We – we – we got them legions - ranks - fleets,- I am not the one,
exponential influence, Stealth on the set up,
environment? Use it, live off what they fed us,
Understand game plan – live off what they fed us,
Stronger every moment, dark room - we develop,
Hungry not jealous,- let the scars tell it,
Peel off my shirt and watch me relish,-
Wave the flag... let the world see... strike up the band... victory!
No turning back, I-could-never,- relinquish that,- which-I-treasure,-
back on the mat? Way too clever,- first shall be last,- and-that's-for-ever,- you stuck in the past,
And this is not a movement, coup or take over,-
How we go gone take over something that we already had?!
Storm the gates, scale the walls, in large numbers,
And don't let up until we see that 'white flag', (yeah!)
After the bomb blast (yeah!), after the smoke clear (yeah!), after the ceasefire (yeah!) - we are still here,
So you can have this year,- yadadamean
Cause I wanna see future in my rear view mirror.

Our Father – our father in heaven,
Hallowed be your name,
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven, our Father
Track Name: We Livin (feat. Julia Clayton)
Forever – it starts right now, so watch me touch the clouds,-
I’ll show you how; nothing can hold me down,
I-see-my-future-it-goes-on-for-miles… and miles it goes on

On top chillin’,- world keeps spinnin’,
What more can I say? We livin’!
I think I'll live forever,
No I won't die - no never,
On top chillin’, world keeps spinnin’,
What more can I say? We livin’!
Oh yes I’ll live forever,
Cause I am something like eternal.
(Repeat 1x)

Verse 1:
He let me hold a watch – borrowed time man it ain’t that long,
That’s why I’m talking to forever when I sing this song,- holla back,
The promise land – that’s where I’m gone, same place where my family from – in a minute.
Light years – I’m racing a billion – tripped over a black hole I’m so resilient,
Walkin’ in the Light now – that’s why I’m brilliant,-
Infinity – oh what a feelin’! I got it!

(Chorus 2x)

Verse 2:
Life what it is – nothin’ but an echo of everything I give,
Everything I said, everything I did, that’s why I gotta thank God He forgives,- plus He forgets,
Like it never lived,- but what I spit, the whole world hears – my legacy lives - way past seconds, minutes or years,-
It extends further than family, friends and peers,
Quite simply I'm here - with no fear - and I will not stop til i make it to the top,
And there is no top - so I will not stop,
Really I'm-a give it - Give it all that I got,
On everything so I'm - so I'm holding a lot,
Can't nobody take my spot!
Even - even when the casket drop I will not,
Ready to roll? Let’s rock!

(Chorus 2x)

La la la la la la – la la la la la,
La la la la la la – la la la la la laaaa…
I-see-my-future-it-goes-on-miles… and miles it goes on (forever)

I cannot die - I'm so alive,
(Repeat 7x)
Track Name: I Am That (feat. Ahmad Jones and Jurny Big)
Verse 1 (Ahmad):
Ooh I was down – I lost my crown and glory,
Fools used to clown – but now I found victory,
Cause I don’t never give up,
No – I made a promise to deliver,
So – I’m gonna… keep-on-movin’-on-til-I get-to the throne,
Ooh they don’t understand it,- but I got a plan to win,
It’s true – life is in my hands – gone play it like a mandolin,
That’s right I had to leave some fam and friends,
You wanna fly – you gotta stand the winds,
And I ain’t even gotta fake,-
I be leapin’ out in faith,
While they sleepin’ I be payin’ attention.

This is me – I am that!
Makin’ history – I am that!
Please believe – I am that!
I am that! – I am that! Please believe,
Oh boy - I was meant to be everything I am,
Oh boy - I was meant to be everything I am,
Oh boy - On me just wait you'll see,
I was meant to be – everything I am

Verse 2:
And this is on my mother – I put down the colors,
But I still feel funny when I'm surrounded by them others,
On everything I like – I threw away all the numbers,
But if she look again then we both gone be in trouble,
And yeah it'll cost me double – but this what I know,
Practice made perfection promise you gone reap what you sow,
Get it now – pay it later,- you gone give up what you owe,
You got a monster in your closet and he wanna do a show,
Trust me fam I know,- And I ain't tryin' to hide it,-
So watch me open up my chest man – go on and climb inside it,
If you look – you'll find it,
Buried treasure underneath the dirt, skeletons – hella sin – every single thing you heard,
On my word – I am that plus, so it's a must – that you break the surface so that you could see the real us,
And get to promise – beautiful and great,- worth the wait,
I anticipate – every single day – never late.

And what they said about me - I am that!
The good, bad and ugly - I am that!
What I'm gonna be - I am that!
Just you wait and see – please believe,
Oh boy - I was meant to be everything I am,
Oh boy - I was meant to be everything I am,
Oh boy - On me just wait you'll see,
I was meant to be - everything I am

Verse 3 (Jurny Big):
Now – when they was rhyming at conventions,
Climbing gospel charts I didn’t try to pay attention,
I figured “let them” – hoping that they might,
Muster up enough courage to get to an open mic,
But they never did – so clever it – ended up being,
Because the kid would've had to show them what emceeing was,
Whether front of 3 or 3000 – cats wasn’t seeing us,
And I'd-a told them that they’d-a got merked by me because,
We was the first to spit them battlin’ type verses,
And that’s when that was not allowed up in them churches,
But now-a-days everybody gone spit some rhymes,
I feel like only couple out there could get with mines,
And you’s a child of God – so how come y’all don’t climb,
But if you lookin’ for raps to stand the test of time,
I’m-a be that guy – that’s why so many hate me,
But I wouldn’t change a thing – cause that’s just how He made me.

I’m humble nuff not to stumble – I am that!
But not so humble that I mumble – I am that!
I stay up in them circles – I am that!
Don’t let that gospel rapper hurt you – please believe,
Oh boy - I was meant to be everything I am,
Oh boy - I was meant to be everything I am,
Oh boy - On me just wait you'll see,
I was meant to be - everything I am

Ay ay ay ay ay – I am that!
Ay ay ay ay ay – I am that!
Ay ay ay ay ay – I am that!
Ay ay ay ay ay – I am that!
Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay!
I was meant to be everything I am,
Oh boy - I was meant to be everything I am,
Oh boy - On me just wait you'll see,
I was meant to be - everything I am
Track Name: The Promise
On this road called life – there’s a fork in it,
You can either go to the left or to the right – you choose,
But they both have a guaranteed end – they both have a promise,
This is the promise… this is the promise.

Verse 1:
This Year I’m so alive – my predecessor died – now I’m the other guy, (say goodbye)
I never cried,- let a tattoo tell the story – cause sometimes I lied, (no lie)
I had to get right – the OG’s on my block told me put a few dots on me, pitch a few rocks for me, bust a few shots for me,
And when it’s all over homie you gone get the glory, (shine)
But I know better, cause last year my fam did it all and still got wet up, (pour it out)
They never let up – down people in the hood keep you down,- never get up, (hold me!)
It’s like a set up – 25 to life or get to know the nurse on a first name basis – that forever stay list,
Or what’s worse man, you can get the hurse cause I learned…

From Pac to Big Papa,
It’s one of them 3 dots yeah,
Mi vida loca,
Or life beyond measure,
No matter where you’re from – this where you’re goin’ if you runnin’ with me,
History is a prophet,
Two roads and both pay what they owe.
From Tookie to Monster,
It’s one of them 3 dots yeah,
Mi vida loca,
Or love they can’t top yet,
No matter where you’re from – this where you’re goin’ if you runnin’ with me,
History is a prophet,
Two roads and both pay what they owe.

Verse 2:
On GP – an empty ____ guarantee – what that really means to me, (what I'm talkin bout)
Cause some people think loyalty is comfortable and that includes family, (see)
But street law speak “money over everything” and that includes family,-
My folk call me family – “really” man you kill me, (call me) Cuzz (call me) Blood – ain’t that so ironic?
And now frankly I’m offended – cause really from the start man – we all need our daddies – honestly I’m lonely – that’s why my hood own me – I understood the cost man – when they put me on,- but they buy my mama groceries – corner pay my light bill – walk my,- talk my,- understand my,- man they speak my language – relate to my anguish – motivate my hustle – it’s a hustle cause they promise me reward when they only pay me damage…. I LEARNED!


No matter where you’re from, this is where you’re goin’ if you runnin’ with me,
No matter where you’re from, this is where you’re goin’ if you runnin’ the street,
No matter where you’re from, this is where you’re goin’ I guarantee,
History’s a prophet, two roads and both pay what they owe.
(Repeat 2x’s)
Track Name: Thank You (feat. Elijah Jamal)
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh!
Hey hey hey hey,
So many people I appreciate,
Keep my aim high - never stop tryin' - live my life right - that's how I say thank you.

Verse 1:
Some people say thank you – a million hands clap every single time I fall through, you could give me dap,
But not for what I do - I don't deserve this - really - only consequence but - He showed me mercy,
I - I-I-I-I'm not worthy,
Stripes on my uniform – stains on my jersey,
Half time speech now I'm back in the game,
Everything's changed but my name - I'm on it!
You gotta really love a reformed thug,
I feel so good I give all my haters hugs,
But I'll save that for later - this one's for the maker,
The whole world stands and applaudes - who's greater?
Now let it savor, and if my lifestyle is anything classify it as an indicator,-
Of real favor - yo, do me a favor,
When you make it out the struggle do your dance on the double - like so...

Oh oh oh oh,
Got another chance now I'm good to go,
Keep my aim high - never stop tryin' - live my life right - that's how I say thank you.
Hey hey hey hey,
So many people I appreciate,
Keep my aim high - never stop tryin' - live my life right - that's how I say thank you.

Verse 2:
So glad I'm alive - for life you should give it up,
should'a - could'a died – I’m a walking talking testimony,
Billion-dollar bet homie,
He put it on me - I got for my trouble,
How I make 'em wanna know me – heyyyy!
been done come a long way,
wake up it's a new day,
check in feeling okay - ayyyy!
but I'm still a long way,
Off on my best day,
From where I'm gonna be one dayyyy!
Somewhere out there - my future looms,- just waiting for me to breakthrough,
Man if I only knew - but would I truly be - who I s'posed to am - my past made me,
I see it in my sleep,- feel the sand tween my toes - I am so free - really only God knows,
Everything I did – what I was – what I owe,
Could never pay it back - so I go for what I know!
I’m up and down the freeway coastin' - like threewheel motion - top down with the windows open – I’m a!

Keep my aim high - never stop tryin' - live my life right - that's how I say thank you.
Hey hey hey hey,
So many people I appreciate,
Keep my aim high - never stop tryin' - live my life right - that's how I say thank you.

Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh!
(Repeat 1x)

Track Name: Crash Landing (feat. Shonlock and Mr. Del)
Verse 1:
Tear the club up - tear the freakin’ club up,
Do it for the truth not just for the thug love,
Givin’ me looks cause,- they ain't never heard of,
Nothin’ like this but we just on the warm up (ha ha),
Word up – motivation in my cup,
I'm an alien let me – let me learn ya,
Been watchin’ from my spot and enough is enough,
Bout to tear it down till they screaming turn it up!,
(Turn it Up!) Crash Landing – let the smoke clear,
No matter why I’m here – please take me to your leader,
Got boots on the street – propaganda on the wire,
It’s a cold cold war,- light the world on fire!

Y’all haters just can’t stand it,
We run circles round your planet,
What’s the damage – just crash-landed in here (Awwwww Yeahhhhh! – Let’s Work!)
Put down a little now I’m workin’ with a lot,
Put down a little now I’m workin’ with a lot,
Put down a little now I’m workin’ with a lot,
Pulled down a little now I’m workin’ WORKIN’!
(Repeat 1x)

Verse 2:
Heard it on the news - see it to believe it,
We are so extra - outta space even,
This is P-rox - this is my season,
Death to the satellite - down with the demon,
Shonlock – Awww… golly gee, wally crash the party on a dolly,
Kick – push – paradigm shift while I ollie,
Follow me on a trolly – maybe me and you could polly – cause you know, I could use somebody,
Ha ha, awww…
See them catch on clique characters loose character,
When the conscious come to clash and abolish the past,
Blast! Kick – ball – paragraph smash,
Not much longer will this non-sense last,
Gettin’ loaded off the letters that my leader left look,
Fresh burial resurrection book,
Shook – come and get a little better look,
Death to the flesh is all it really took


Verse 3:
Make the body rock – make the rock,
Let the change start – let the same stop,
(Repeat 1x)
Mr. Del – Uh, kingdom come – I’m from,
Mr. bang heads like bum pa rum pa pum pum pum,
All about the Son – crash land for the fun,
Me and Holy South got them demons on the run – huh,
Yeah, I get busy when I want to,
Bring me a soul and I just might front you,
I came to tear I down – just to build it up,
Ground zero with my hero hold up catch up,
What up? Memphis in the building,
Came to represent for all God’s children,
Man I went platinum and it didn’t take a million,
Impact multiply – goin on a zillion.

Track Name: History Of Me
It’s the history of me – an exquisite tragedy, open up my heart and tell me what you see,
Purpose in my pain – innocence to victory, beautiful again – it’s the history of me.
(Repeat 1x)

Verse 1:
Write it on paper - score it in a song - sing my melody,
Awesome through the pain - innocence to victory,
Splash it on a canvas - or shape the greatest artifact,-
Perspective in my rearview,- I am on the right track,
Top of shoulder - lookin back, I finally overstand,
It was all part of the plan, make me a man,- so I,
Made it product so not only would you hear me but the voices of the young unseen,- ya mean,
Better still - ya understand? Instill it like a brand, old stories - young man, if I made it then you can,
Where u been? where u goin? does it all make sense?
I can tell you firsthand yes it can or no it can't,
It’s up you and what view you're looking through,
Cause this life is real funny - you need 1 to get to 2,
Just like you need me to get to you,
So when you hear it - know it's truth.

(Chorus 2x)

Verse 2:
Time line it, stretch it out across my years seen,
Pick up the pieces and tell me what it all means,
Come together build a bridge start a family,
We got a future - but first you got a history - see,
Every stage - watch me bleed - hear me sing,
Hold my tune till return of the king, oh yes I will,
With very little crowd appeal,-
But on the streets folks know that its real – turn the lights down,
Age 8 I saw my future in the skies - no lie, but the prize on the other side,
People only knew what they could see - get wise,
A whole lot of pressure so I'm hiding in disguise –
Behind,- thick glasses but then that thug break out soon,
Calm before the storm - it's a monsoon - smoke plume,
2 different people but my name is the same,
Pour water on my own flame - my own blame – I know,
The friction inside's startin to burn,
Gotta satisfy my yearn cause the tables now turned,
So ain't no shame in my game - I've learned,
Respect is commanded but my purpose is earned,
Chasing curves - switching skirts everyday,
But I’ll let 'em all go cause destiny is my baby,
And she whispered in my ear just wait,
It’ll all make sense soon after the break - just live,
But what I wouldn't give for 1 more week,
Seems like the good take steps but the bad take leaps,
Let’s go the distance - the pain can't be in vain,
Or at least that's what the strings say... its the history of me.


(Chorus 1x)
Track Name: Life Changed Me (feat. Ayinde Russell and Caleb McCampbell)
I am a man of stubborn earth,
A reddened clay waiting to take shape,
Dirt – cultivated from the hard press of holy hands, storms and bitter rain,
Lord – this is for the intention in your grip,
The sovereignty of your finger tips,
The reason I am what I am,
What is humanity that you are mindful of us,
You called us out of soil and make us bounty for heaven,
We are life, breadth and sweat under constant mold,
Pockets of dust made living souls,
You handle us – under circumstances miraculous,
And use it all for the glory you intend to see…
Life changed me

Verse 1:
They ask me “what’s good”?
I tell them “everything”,
Cause life runs full circle like a wedding ring,
Every stop and station – that that don’t mean a thing,
Means a lot of things – with a little patience,
A dash of mercy and a touch of grace,
Is like my kick drum – to my smooth bass,
We make beautiful music – so everybody sing,
The way, the truth, the life – changed everything,
Went head knowledge, to college, then on the job,
So that I show what I know when the fires hot,
And we all feel it – like rays of the sun,
You cried last night – well here the morning comes,
And you can watch me run – or you can join the race,
It’s all up to you – there is no second place,
Chance, regrets, happenstance, upsets,
When you live life on purpose – then life is what you get.

All around the world – you gone hear this song,
Got trouble in my life – but it don’t last that long,
God’s grace pulled me back when I was too far gone,
Was weak now I’m strong cause… LIFE CHANGED ME,
And what I do – I do it for my family,
It’s gonna take the man in me to conqueror this insanity,
I was too far gone,
Chance can’t be this man… LIFE CHANGED ME!
(Repeat 2x)

Verse 2:
And what was gonna didn't turn out how I thought it would be, I guess I don't know everything, far as I can see ain't sufficient when it comes to the big picture, We can never see for poorer but we always see for richer, but I still take this life, and what it represents, the ups and downs - past present and future tense, When it doesn't - kinda and makes a lot of sense, I'll remember I'm not just living at my expense - it's for their profit too - I guess I'm living proof, it's both what you do in life and what it does in you, how it makes you new - Know things you never knew, here a million lies - so you could really want the truth, and after all when said I couldn't take it, look at me now thank God I made it, still makin it count, divided by time - take away mine, plus love - all designed to get my life to that bottom line.

(Chorus 2x)

La la la la la la, la la la la la laaa,
La la la la – la la,
La la la la la la, la la la la la laaa,
La la la la – la la
(Repeat 1x)

(Chorus 1x)
Track Name: Magnificent (feat. John Gillette)
Ohhhh – open your eyes,
Everything around me testify,- oh!
Can you see it – and hear it?
I’m magnificent!
Ohhhh ohh – open your eyes,
Everything around me testifies,- oh!
Do you feel it – and hear it?
I’m magnificent oh.

Verse 1:
Go, you can see it in the elements - hear it in the instruments - I'm magnificent,
Unmatched excellence - first class elegance - light through the clouds when the darkness settle in,
Low, is exactly how I came in - odds all stacked against - dreams seemed pretend - negative pretense - doubtful I will ever win - survival of the fittest? so I gotta get it while I can,
Though the pressure pressure made me perfect – earth, wind, fire, water - together they're workin,
Workin out my purpose - hurt me and it's worth it - so people worldwide recognize who am I?! I’m-a rise...
Verse 2:
Slow-complete - every single second of 30 years plus ONE made me what I am now,
Sow - I endure to the end – had to learn how to win – if I’m knowin’ what I’m talkin’ bout,
Pleasure is crack so I choose pain,- when it's over I can feel what I gained,
And it's real strange, the meaning of my name,- in the ends up being exactly why I came,
It's almost like it's planned or maybe like it's claimed - legendary not fame, testimony - no shame,
This is not a game,- kinda simple – never plain, you don't have to know the face cause there's power in the name! (I’m sayin’!)
(Chorus 2x)
Verse 3:
Words sung,- letters written,- notes played,- cans sprayed,- cave etch,- hyrogliph,- check the gate,- ink stained,
Thunder clap,- sky scrape,- spinnin’ on your axis,- photosynth,- breathe it in,- listen to my symphony,
Paint a perfect picture – put it on your skyline, atomic in your proton – I am not hard to find,
So what’s the bottom line? Magnificence… everywhere – every time!
And you can tell the hood - I’ll holla at them shortly, forgot where I’m from? Nah – got a little thirsty,
Bringin water to the desert – food for the hungry,- stripes and I’m worthy, I only want one thing… you ta!
(Chorus 2x)
And there ain't no limit - much bigger than a word,- I live it - all over the world they feel it - and you can't kill it - cause even when my blood goes spillin' – the universe stand at attention - and they screamin out… yeah!

(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: The Day
Oh oh alright,
Oh oh alright,
Oh oh oh riigh oh! Oh oh alright!
Oh oh alright,
Oh oh alright,
Oh oh oh riigh oh! Oh oh oh oh!

I been waitn (so long) oh my gosh anticipatin,
For the minute when I add it all up and I show the whole world just what I'm made of - greatness,- oh yes we made it, every minute I spent here waitin,
Add it all up - carry my pain, take away my ill will gotten gain, now show me what you got left ME! standing right here - motivation you can't explain, shake off the guilt - take on the blame, my stripes - my name, you could have those too,- I don't want a thang - near nothin man,- homie I done already changed,- i'm-a stay in my lane - they think I'm bluffin, that is cool - that nothin' - all I wanna see is...

Green lights and empty corners,
Clear skies - the storm is over
14 and a wake up – then it’s the day!
14 and a wake up – then it’s the day!
(repeat 1x)

Verse 2:
Green lights - empty corners,
Same same - I ain't on it,
Lovin’ life - life-a-holic,
I'm actin' right - but I aint performin',
Man lookie here - it's finally near,
Back from the grave - watch me appear,
Through open skies - now watch me run,
Not coming back and I put that on my son... (2 more weeks and its...)


Verse 3:
Back on my feet, back on the street, eyes on the prize don't stop cuz I can't stop,
It don't matter what I did last week, got another chance and I'm leaving with what I got,
Brand new, shorty brand new, I got a whole to prove and this could be my last shot,
All in - throw it all in the moneypot,
Hard work pay's off - hit the jackpot.
I'm ready, oh so ready, them test and trials they comin' for me oh God,
I need ya - like I never needed ya, walkin' by faith if you don't catch me - I'ma drop,
On everything - yeah man that's a lot; I can't have another man in my spot,
My word - my bond got me on lock,
So free and there ain't no lookin back nah!! Uh uh!

(Chorus 2x)

Oh oh alright,
Oh oh alright,
Oh oh oh riigh oh! Oh oh alright!
Oh oh alright,
Oh oh alright,
Oh oh oh riigh oh! Oh oh oh oh!
Enemy, enemy, I forgive all my enemies.
Track Name: The Lean (feat. Rio)
It’s the lean – it’s the lean, pocket full of promise – I’m fresh on the scene,
Yesterday's dirty but tomorrow's so clean,
Pushin’ through your hood with that ‘gangsta lean’,
It’s the lean – it’s the lean, pocket full of (ahhh…) I’m fresh on the scene,
My sock drawer’s clean – if you know what I mean,
Wrappin’ round them corners with that ‘gangsta lean’

Verse 1:
It's the lean it's the lean, I got a pocket full of promise and I'm fresh on the scene,
My future look nice - but my attitudes mean,
Cause purpose in my sight - but some people can't see - please,
So I bob and I weave,
Through every single hood,- suburb and between,
Swerve when I lean - chunk 'em high when I'm seen,
Take flight when it pops off - just like I had wings, yamean?
Use to want it in the worst way, no matter what it cost me,
Money, power, and fame - a lot of nothin.
Lost it on Thursday, now I'm on the first page,
Knees to the ground - askin'make me somethin.
So good to go - poppin' tags like I'm fresh from the sto(re)- never been befo(re) - seen, heard or known,
And if they ask about me - this is how I roll... roll.


Verse 2:
... Now you can me first, cause a brother came in last but they feelin' worst, (much)
The homies love to floss; got chains on they neck but I know what it cost, (boss)
How may I serve you? Got a whole different meaning - what you heard dude? Cause it's probably true, I never miscontrue,
Feet on the table - clean plate - sippin' brand new.
And i don't care what they say, unworthy but I'm wealthy,
You could call me self made – no mo(re) construction
Got it on a Friday, then I hit the highway,
Life is what he paid me, keep it comin'
So good to go - poppin' tags like I'm fresh from the sto(re)- never been befo(re) - seen, heard or known,
And if they ask about me - this is how I roll... roll.


Just watch me lean – watch me lean on you.
Watch me lean, watch me lean yeah.
Track Name: Rainbow (feat. Tammy Brown and Sahada Sesay)
Verse 1:
And even if you fall, I could never not, love you with every single thing I've got, walking through the rain - you don't feel a drop, shelter from the pain - forever in my spot,
I've had the bottom flop - so you can live on top, take a bullet any day - so you can have a shot, and if you don't stray even with a thick plot, them walls stand tall when it hits your block,
My curses fall on you, but so do my blessings, I'll be your test subject - learned hard lessons, my mistakes your foot stool - let me hold you up, self sacrifice - there is no greater love; yeah.

Let love chase away the storm like a rainbow…
Dawn the day – break the sun – so you can grow…
Oh oh oh oh,
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh – oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh ooooh,
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh,

Verse 2:
Complexities, tragedies and lots of rain,
Soul shattered – dark skies and there you are again,
Bright beam of light – a myriad of different colors,
Full of compassion and mercy – unlike another,
You are the best of me and yet you love my worst,
Your loves a lifeline when I’m broken and it hurts,
A perfect promise on stage for the world to see,
I wanna be for you everything you are for me.

And when it rains you cover me so I can shine,
You took my pain and gave me grace – what’s yours is mine,
Inspire me - you help me see - you are my light,
So even when it gets cold - I'm warm inside.

Verse 3:
And I will lead you - through the valley of the shadow of death, let my voice be your light - you can follow my steps, through the confusion - dillusions - fears and the threats, hold tight to me - you don't ever have to fret, them giants calling your name - hear but never listen, the world lies wanna make you a victim - please remember, the war is won - punishment taken - sentence satisfied... It'll be alright... just look up in the sky, and…

(Chorus 2x)

Oh oh oh oh,
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh – oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh ooooh,
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh,
(Repeat 1x)

La la la la la, la la la laa,
la la la, la la la, la la la laa,

Don’t you wanna grow? Oh yeah

La la la la, La la la la, La la la la, La la la la,
Laa la, la oh oh, oohh

“I heard myself”
Track Name: Real Love (feat. Antonio Neal)
The goods for the…
The bad’s for the…
It’s all for the REAL LOVE!

Verse 1:
(Sigh) Wrote this line bout 7 times - 7 because I keep on erasin, but it feels good cause,
All of them wrong line – I can remove, rethink and replace them - like it never happened,
And you never knew it - so you never cried, and questioned everything while you slowly died inside,
And I never failed you - never ever lied, only my good intentions - and not the darker side,
But this is real life - and I'm a real man, who on the daily is doin the very best I can,
But that other me, the one I really hate - he's got different goals, urges and priorities,
Yo make him go away – girl if you only knew, my pain and my pleasure is all tied up in you,
So baby cheer me on - while I sing this song, and learn to love you better – use write to kill the wrong.


All things – works together for us,
Everything – works together for love yeah,
All things – works together for us,
Everything – works together for our-love-in-the-end.

Verse 2:
In hindsight,- I wish I had more foresight - bet I would choose right - more often than I did,
That long term thought - invest more than cop - no more window shop - them final purchases, but I didn't though - I didn't know, and I can't change the past really I wouldn't anyway, cuz in a weird way I feel like we need a counterfeit so we can see the real from the fake,
Love n heartbreak - smiles and tears, accumulated over years and years, erodin' those things in me I didn't know existed until you showed up - makin' a brother grow up,
but you are called to me and I'm being made for you, maturity and growth - is what we sposed to do, so baby cheer me on, while I sing this song, and learn to love you better, use write to kill the wrong.



Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooooh ooh,
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooooh ooh,

Step by step – baby, we’re moving forward,
Step by step – baby, no lookin’ back,
Step by step – baby, we’re moving forward,
We’re moving forward, we’re moving forward,
Yeah yeah, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings baby,
I can’t wait to see (it feels good, to be in love), what tomorrow brings,
La da da da, da da da da da.
Track Name: My Everything
Verse 1:
Can you please make me significant? Cause I ain’t never ever been that - lived that,- they don't know my name where I live at,
Let alone help me better aim what I shoot at - aimless,
I didn't even know I existed – walkin’ through walls – so good at,-
Watchin’ life pass me by – good-riddance,
To bad habits and I know it’s dramatic but they remember my name – if I die tragic,
So why not? What else do I got?
A handful of nothin’ – a hole in my lot,
Dad said ______ – mom loves rock,
Taught me somethin’ – the others on my block,
I’m hot – every time they call the cops,
King for a day – each time I bust shots,
Thousand online hoe's – that’s a lot, right?
Tattoos and youtube street fight,- I’m a lot right?
What else I gotta be?- Who else I gotta be?
Somebody tell me!- If I only knew – there’d be a lot of me,
In your community – instead of in the clink,
This is hell man! 1 out of 3?
Black men have, will or gonna be,- that’s a lot right?
Does anybody out there know me?- Show me and I promise I’m on it.

Today, I'm looking for my tomorrow, if you know where to go - just tell me and I'm headed there!
I can't wait! Cause I've never been nothin - if you can make me somethin - I'll give you my everything!

Verse 2:
Can you please tell me I'm beautiful? cuz I aint never ever heard that - without a hand under my shirt or on my lap,
So stunning when I'm flat on my back - priceless,
What did I do to deserve this? besides sex so good at - doing what I'm told since 6 years old - don't you ever tell a soul - never,-
But seems like everywhere I go - they already know,
And whatever they see - make 'em want to touch,
Everybody want me - can't get enough...
And this is what I call love - anything goes - just tell me what I'm worth to ya,
Maybe a brand new purse to ya? Daddy let me get next to ya, that’s what you wanted right? Your little girls all grown up now, but in a sense I ain't never really been your child, so wild!
No name plus no aim and I swear there’s no hope,
Wipe the whole slate clean – I’m a cup, can you please come fill me up?
I gotta know oh what I don’t know and I’ll change the world,
Make somethin’ out of nothin’ – one word and I’m on it.


La la la la, la la la la, la la la la, la la la la, la la la la!
(Repeat 1x)


Make me somethin’, definition, make me somthin’, make me somethin’, definition!!
Track Name: Rise (feat. Braille, Propaganda and Cha'Rel Wright)
Verse 1 (Braille):
Rise from the ashes – my pride and passion is to prize the everlastin’ – more than self-satisfaction,
But on the average – my actions show that I’m more of a savage and less of a saint – now I’m learnin’ lessons in restraint,
Cause it’s so easy to taint the picture you try to paint,
When you try with all your strength to do something you can’t,
Stretchin’ to rhyme – rise to the occasion,
I’m here lookin’ for signs – waitin’ for the right time,- to stretch wings instead of rhyme schemes,
But it seems like these arms – might not be able to fly,
Let’s be real – I walk on land with two feet – the earth dweller,
No feathers, no propellers, no jetpack on my back,
It’s a setback – but when I step back I see the contrast,
The rise and the fall – I acknowledge it all,
My sin, my guilt, my shame, my God have mercy on a sinner like me – I wanna rise!

We didn’t start the fire – but one thing’s for sure yeah we came to burn,
Pushing out the planet - had to wait my turn, enough is enough I'm about to erupt – blow up, watch me rise!
I rise! (Repeat 6x)
Rise! (Repeat 6x)

Verse 2 (Propaganda):
Homie the story is not new – it’s practiced and rehearsed,
And my little brothers’ blood is still stain on my converse,
Courage to fight wars – man it ain’t really that extreme I just – picture my daughters face and run straight to the screams,
And I’ve never accepted that environments can make a person – too many good examples and ample exceptions,
Serious sufferin’ servant service – the wordiest of all emcees should all be nervous – boy I ain’t budgin’,
Still hold a grudge and I bludgeon my own flesh and –
Serve these superfluous rappers with superb word play,
As long as Elohim pleases – He excites – my windpipes – with cool breezes – of insight – to ignite change,
I don’t even speak of haters – waste of breadth – don't care at all,
I am in communication with the one who made it all,
Elevate – execute – excellent – no excuse,
Confident – competent – the risen King – He’s got this, yeah!


Proxy Verse:
Internal pressure mounted, too many mistakes to count it, my worst enemy is me will I ever break loose - break free? Some doubt it,
Because how I act about it, but still I talk about my destiny - what I want to be - success and my reach out and grab it,
Self sabotage my story,- lot of hard work - little glory, with friends like me who needs enemies - judges and juries,
Everyday I'm guilty - so filthy - not worthy, hangups hung me to dry - so many times - livin a lie,
Feels like I gotta die - for me to fly, something is calling my name - calling me out - tellin me to rise,
Above statistical facts - every last odd they've stacked, them generational whips - that I got on my back,
Something’s gotta change, and it starts with me, I gotta resist - rebel - re-escape - all for that "give us free",
Awake from from your sleep - slumber no more, tomorrow's right now let's sing out show the world what we came here for!!